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Why Compose?


What makes EasyAdmin the right Union and Taft-Hartley Benefit Fund software solution for you? From helping unions of all sizes overcome the difficult problems and unique challenges Unions and Benefit Funds encounter each day, EasyAdmin delivers.


"68% of HR execs regret their choice in HCM provider selection due to poor customer service, not UX, product functionality or even Price!"
- Kelton Global Research 

What makes our Support and Services unparalleled?

Modern Admin offers VIP accessibility, expert customer service, rapid response times and personalized post implementation support to all of our customers. What’s more, we don’t outsource any of it. It’s that simple.

Our services begin with a team of senior in-house experts that are dedicated to rapid response times for an efficient customized implementation. Your team of dedicated Implementation Specialists make themselves intimately familiar with your account to deliver top service to your business. And they stay with you from start to finish and even beyond.

Why is this important? It ensures continuity of service. It also means fewer headaches for you and significant savings in both time and resources.

With this model, we’ve enjoyed customer satisfaction and retention rates of >90%. What’s more, our professional services development, implementation and support teams are senior technologists with an average of 20+ years of experience in multi-employer plans, benefit administration practices, and technology. You have instant access to top experts for any and all questions and issues that arise.

Now that’s VIP treatment.

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EasyAdmin is a flexible software solution that helps Unions and Benefit Funds administrators overcome the difficult challenges they face each day. With a contemporary interface and robust feature set, EasyAdmin allows you to configure your own employer contracts, eligibility rules, delinquency policies, security, reports, and more.



Union Benefit Fund management professionals can often find themselves bogged down in time-consuming administrative tasks. EasyAdmin solves this challenge by simplifying and streamlining complex Union and Fund administration operations and processes - for unions of all sizes.

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No two Unions are the same. EasyAdmin tailors the implementation process without hidden costs, last-minute surprises, costly over runs or lengthy implementation schedules. Our highly-trained staff, with their commitment to exceptional technical support and quality assurance, helps you achieve your goals and deadlines while ensuring a seamless transition.



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