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Corporate Responsibility Policy


Team Value

Decusoft recognizes that its people are its greatest asset. The Company recruits, motivates and incents exceptional people who are passionate about what they do and enjoy the challenges of a fast–paced work environment, where personal contribution makes a difference.

Decusoft encourages and rewards an entrepreneurial mindset, where team members serve the company as if it were their own and feel a sense of responsibility for its growth and success.

The Company strives to maintain a fun place to work, with an environment that fosters teamwork, training, continuous learning, career advancement and work–life balance.

Health and Safety


Decusoft places the highest priority on the health and safety of its employees. The Company strives constantly for the highest possible level of safety in all operations. It is our commitment to comply with all applicable health and safety laws, and to ensure that public and work areas are free of hazardous conditions. Decusoft will make every effort to provide working conditions that are as healthy and safe as feasible, and actively encourage employees to be equally conscious about work–place safety, including proper work methods, reporting potential hazards and reducing exposure to known hazards.

Equal Opportunity


Decusoft is an Equal Opportunity Employer and strives to comply with all applicable laws prohibiting discrimination. It is the Company’s intent that all personnel policies and practices be administered without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, uniform service member status, marital status, pregnancy, age, protected medical condition, disability or any other protected status in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws.



Decusoft is committed to continually evaluating and decreasing its potential impact on the environment. The company promotes environmental awareness within its employee–base and actively promotes reduction of waste, reuse and recycling practices.

Through environmentally efficient and progressive technologies, Decusoft applies these production processes towards the protection of our environment. All employees are requested to comply with these quality of life guidelines. We also encourage our customers and suppliers to utilize these internal processes, working with them to develop solutions that are economically and environmentally successful. These environmental ideals are used when selecting Decusoft partners and suppliers.



Decusoft has a moral duty and obligation to implement and plan technical components following the principles of good conduct. It is our goal to create relationships built on trust while building a professional working relationship with our clients. The Decusoft team applies an attitude of respect, responsibility and results to all people and organizational resources within a client’s environment.

This includes but is not limited to detailed information gathered about an individual or company. Decusoft considers our relationship with a client personal and confidential, and will not disclose this information to others. We value our client’s privacy on all matters, maintaining strict B2C and B2B ethical business standards. Decusoft rigorously protects its clients’ information, communications and intellectual property.

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