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A key feature which allows users to enter information based on rate types, job classes, benefit schedules, interest schedules and more.

Delinquent Contributions

Automatically applies the delinquency policy and calculates any interest due based on the date the payment was received by the Fund Office.

Annuity | Defined Contribution Plans

Provides easy configuration of self-administered annuity & vendor administered Annuity Funds.

Employer Contributions

Modern Admin recognizes and understands the unique challenges of Union Benefit Fund management, a robust configuration that streamlines submitting and posting of remittance reports with options like auto-loading of members and importing spreadsheets.

Audits | Corrections

Get all the data in a spreadsheet that your employers can update, send back to the Fund Office, and then import right back in!

Vacation | Holiday Funds

Makes administering a Vacation Fund as easy as possible. Vacation/Holiday can be paid based on Work Period and/or Deposit Date. Union dues and other deductions can be withheld from the members’ payments.

Payroll Integration

Easily performs the complex payroll calculations necessary to manage different classes of Employees, both Union and non-Union.

Employer Maintenance

Maintain Employer information and gain easy access to contribution and delinquent history.


Assures member contributions are sent accurately and timely to their Home Local.

Other Applications

Extensive reporting capabilities satisfy any need, from different versions to mandatory layouts.

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