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Frequently Asked Questions

What problems does EasyAdmin solve?

EasyAdmin simplifies complex Taft-Hartley Benefit Fund administration, allowing you to easily enforce Board of Trustee decisions and administer Plan Document rules and guidelines. It solves innumerable problems, but we find that many of our clients use EasyAdmin to:

  • Administer an unlimited number of funds and benefit plans

  • Manage complicated contracts across multiple employers or assign each employer their own contract

  • Implement benefit changes by simply modifying the contract

  • Automate the generation and application of interest when employers are delinquent

  • Remove the burden of disaster recovery planning and overall IT maintenance by using our hosting service

How is EasyAdmin priced?

Our standard software pricing is based on the total number of members administered within EasyAdmin. You may purchase EasyAdmin as a license or on a subscription basis. The solution may be hosted on premise, by a third–party or hosted by Decusoft.

What makes EasyAdmin configurable or customizable?

EasyAdmin has a standard infrastructure that allows you to configure traditional functionality based on your requirements. The product was developed in layers to simplify the configuration and customization processes. This allows you to define the look–and–feel of your own forms and reports.

Is EasyAdmin compatible with Microsoft Office Excel?

Yes, data can be easily imported from, or exported to, Excel.

Will EasyAdmin work with my existing
accounting system?

Absolutely! EasyAdmin can interface to most commercial accounting packages.

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